Price isn’t everything. There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting your reconditioning partner. Yes, it’s important to have a great looking lot, but what happens when an unexpected accident occurs causing a liability risk to your dealership? The money saved by negotiating a great price and much more could be gone with one accident. Will your new recon partner be properly insured to protect you from liability and workers compensation issues? Will you find out they lied after an accident has occurred? Don’t take anyone’s word for this and put your dealership at risk. Demand proof in writing. Call the insurance agencies to confirm coverage and contact reliable references to protect your dealership before you sign up with any new recon company. Listed below are just a few problems that may occur and ways that we at CARS will solve those problems for you.

Workers Compensation Insurance – This sounds like a simple thing to expect form a company with multiple employees performing onsite services at your location. Be sure to ask potential companies for a copy of their current workers compensation policy. You should also ask for a copy of their latest “Exmod Report” which keeps track of the work related accidents that have happened since their company has been in business. Be very careful when companies show you workers compensation policies that do not have “THEIR” company name on the document. This is a very common practice for companies to claim to use co-employers or new corporations to elude the insurance related expenses of protecting their customers and their employees. You can also request a DE-6 from their insurance company to insure that every person on your premises is insured. This eliminates companies form carrying insurance for 5-10 people when they claim to have coverage for their entire company. Dealers please remember that you can be held liable as a secondary employer if you are allowing uninsured employees on your premises. Don’t take someone’s word for it. Investigate this for yourselves.

C.A.R.S. has one of the lowest exmod ratios in the industry. In fact we have never seen a lower number than ours and that makes us proud. Safety and Training is paramount for us and we can prove that its just not talk. We can supply you with any of the above mentioned documentation and let our numbers speak for themselves.

Employees not Independent contractors – Any person that works part or full time for a particular company and makes more that 40% of his income from that company must be insured and have taxes withheld by that company. The law states that they are an employee of that company. Many companies try to avoid paying payroll taxes by claiming to have staff on independent contractor status. This is illegal and they are not covered by insurance in the event of an accident.

All of the staff at C.A.R.S. are employees and we can prove it any time you need us to . In the rare event that we do bring in additional help they are vendors whom are business owners insured properly and have provided us with said documentation. We are not in the business of employing workers and not paying employee taxes.

High quality Paint & Detail products - Why would you want anything but the best on your cars? Don’t be afraid to ask a potential company what products will be used on your vehicles. Due to the huge increase in paint cost this year because of the mandate to use water base many companies have really cut corners. Be careful it’s not the company repairing your cars. Poor quality products will not last and you are certain to have unhappy customers in a very short time. Paint repairs with inferior materials can look great when they are fresh but can completely change and react within 3-6 months. Its kind of hard to explain why the bumper changed colors or faded on a customers Certified Used Vehicle before its even time for their first oil change.

C.A.R.S only uses BASF paint because of its superior quality and incredible color match. We have also spent over 10 years putting the perfect culmination of detail products and chemicals together for our customers. We couldn’t find one detail product company that made the best of everything so we had to research numerous products from multiple manufacturers and bring together the best products in the industry. Then to insure that all of these products were labeled properly with safety stickers and proper instructions we developed our own chemical resistant labels to help our detailers know how and when to use each product. This also ensures compliance when fire marshals and safety inspectors are on your premises looking to write safety violations.

In Addition, we are the ONLY reconditioning company in California that is a “3m Authorized dealer, distributor, warranty claims administrator and repair facility”. 3M products and aftermarket warranties need no introduction. They are simply the best in the World. Our partnership is something that we are very proud of because you cant buy this Certification, you earn it.

Problem - Bogus references:
This is always something that we encourage our potential customers to do. Its amazing the things companies will say to earn someone’s business. We have seen many reference sheets with dealerships that companies have been fired from years ago. Also take a look at the size and the make of their current customers. If you are a high line store don’t be afraid to ask questions or call other high line dealers on their referral list. Also be weary of companies that need to travel hundreds of miles away form there main location in order to gain new business. If a company does as good of a job as they claim to do why cant they stay busy in their own neighborhood. How would they get to your location if you needed them and they are servicing a customer over 100 miles away?

We are very proud of our relationships and our customers speak for themselves. After all, we have serviced the largest dealership in the world for over 14 years. That’s a great feeling when you still have the first 3 accounts that started our business. In addition EVERY single customer that we service is within 25 miles of our corporate office so we can always be at a customers location within an hour even with southern California traffic.

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