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Reconditioning Services

The Owner of Complete Automotive Reconditioning Services (C.A.R.S.) has 30 Years Reconditioning Experience.


Increase Vehicle Value While Increasing CSI

We are a quality first minded auto reconditioning company with an experienced, and committed leadership team.

We have proudly established a hard-working team of certified technicians with a strong value system that is centered around honesty, reliability and quality work.

The result is seamless reconditioning process from A-to-Z, allowing you to focus on selling more vehicles, thus make more profit.

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Leadership Team

Eddie - Complete Automotive Reconditioning Services

Eddie Reynoso


Phone: 310-902-2195

Benefits of Using Complete Automotive Reconditioning Services (C.A.R.S.)

  • Save Money – One-stop-shop allows you to reduce reconditioning costs.
  • Lot Appeal – Lot Wash services will maintain the appearance of your inventory.
  • Keep it New – Lot Damage inspections conducted weekly and damage repaired gratis.
  • On-site Recon Team – We can respond quickly to your unexpected needs or customer emergencies.
  • Improve CSI Scores – New car delivery prep insures the vehicle is inspected and re-cleaned prior to customer delivery.
  • Increase Service Drive Revenue – We provide same day services for your customers and provide a rev share model with dealership.
  • Protection for Your Dealership – All C.A.R.S. employees are properly trained, certified and experienced and are properly insured with General Liability, Garage Keepers and Workers Compensation Insurance.
C.A.R.S. Paintless Dent Repair

A Premier Reconditioning Company.
A Business Partner.
The Total Solution.

C.A.R.S. is a true business partner capable of managing millions of dollars of dealership inventory. Our focus is reconditioning vehicles more efficiently than the competition, while at a high production pace.

Our transparent, service-focused structured approach gives complete visibility to our clients. Quality standards are met at every turn because we have processes in place to measure quality.

We aren’t done with your vehicle until you sell it. 

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C.A.R.S. Dealer Services

Our Core Values


Consistently focusing on the the little things and striving for excellence. No detail is too minor or too little.


Providing and maintaining the proper culture for our employees to insure a safe working environment. 


We are committed to quality, resulting in your total satisfaction. Exceeding your expectations is job one.


Treat each crew member like family. Focus on properly communicating with each employee in a clear and respectful manner.

30 Years of Unrivaled Dealer Satisfaction

Exceeding your highest expectations by creating a reconditioning process that is implemented and followed by each of our reconditioning experts, allows us to achieve our goal of COMPLETE Dealer Satisfaction! 

Complete Automotive Reconditioning Services Interior Repair
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