C.A.R.S. Dealer Services

C.A.R.S. Dealer Services


Service Drive Programs

We will have a full time crew of reconditioning experts provide a complete menu of services from detailing and ceramic coating to paintless dent repair and scuffed bumper repairs.


Identify and profit from pre-existing damage such as door dings, windshield chips and other types of damage that are easy up-sells.


By offering auto appearance repairs on your service drive, you’ll increase both revenue and profits.

C.A.R.S. Dealer Walk Around
C.A.R.S. Dealer Services - New Car Ready


New Car Get Ready

For us, it’s a whole lot more than just prepping each new car for sale following PDI.

This Dealer Service Includes:

  • Remove all interior & exterior transport plastic and cardboard
  • Inspect Vehicle for Damage
  • Wash vehicle
  • Clay exterior surface
  • Hand wax
  • Interior spot clean
  • Vacuum interior and trunk
  • Clean windows and door jambs
  • Dress exterior trim and moldings and tires

C.A.R.S. will re-detail all new vehicles inside and out when they are sold so each customer leaves in a freshly detailed vehicle.

Weekly lot inspections of your new car inventory to insure that any lot damage or aged units are removed from the line and repaired before a customer notices anything that may deter them from making a purchase.


Lot Wash

We have various programs depending upon how frequently you’d like your new and used car fleet to be lot washed. Each C.A.R.S. lot wash crew utilizes pressure washers and deionized water for spot free finishes.

C.A.R.S. Dealer Services - Lot Wash
C.A.R.S. Dealer Services - Valet



Not all dealers require valet services, but based upon your needs, C.A.R.S. can accommodate them with a professional and courteous uniformed staff for special events, dealer car wash programs and your service drive.


Certified Body Shop

In Southern California, we have a centralized Ceritifed Body Shop providing more serious repairs for customers requiring that add-on service. We handle transporting of the car to and from the shop and live up to our committment for speedy, quality body shop repairs.

C.A.R.S. Dealer Services - Certified Body Shop


The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Generally 2-4 weeks depending upon the scope of the services the dealership is seeking.

C.A.R.S. only offers dealer programs that encompass all reconditioning services for one low price. We do offer individual services on the service drive and a list of services along with pricing can be provided.

You bet we do. Every dealer group we service would be pleased to share with you their deep level of satisfaction for our quality, dependability, pricing and how well we manage the process.

We supply everything for each of the reconditioning services and can even assist with the menu of our services for your service drive profit program.

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