Frequently Asked Questions


Generally 2-4 weeks depending upon the scope of the services the dealership is seeking.

All C.A.R.S. auto reconditioning team members have been properly trained and Certified by The Ding King Training Institute, Inc.

C.A.R.S. only offers dealer programs that encompass all reconditioning services for one low price. We do offer individual services on the service drive and a list of services along with pricing can be provided.

You bet we do. Every dealer group we service would be pleased to share with you their deep level of satisfaction for our quality, dependability, pricing and how well we manage the process.

We supply everything for each of the reconditioning services and can even assist with the menu of our services for your service drive profit program.

We create a menu of services to be offered to your customers and perform each service on-site and provide you with up to 30% of the revenue generated.

We are highly skilled, highly efficient and very good at what we do. By one company providing all the services, we are able to reduce each service charge to you. Most dealers utilize up to 10 different vendors who charge a higher cost per service. The result is a net net lower cost for our dealer groups.

Each dealership is staffed with a fully competent and cross-trained manager who works hand in hand with his or her crew to help you reduce the cylce time of the reconditioning process.

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